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Compare Gadget Insurance

To compare gadget Insurance and find the policy for you, simply choose your the kind of device you would like to cover and it's value in the drop-down menus below.

Get the best Gadget Insurance at the best Rates

Gadgets boost your personal productivity

Whether communicating with friends, clients, business associates, or your boss, crunching numbers, typing out a report, or just downloading and enjoying videos and pictures, gadgets dramatically boost our personal productivity. You don't even have to be using these specialized pieces of equipment for business and income generation to see the impact they can have on your time's value. By boosting your productivity they enrich the value of your time � you are able to do more with less effort and time. Not only do gadgets explode your productivity in terms of the wide range of things you can do, they also boost your productivity by increasing the number of places you can work or do leisure activities.

Considering the amount of freedom and productivity your gadgets bring you, shouldn't you insure these items against theft, loss, or breakdown?

Compare gadget insurance to get the best coverage for your items

Let's face it, there are many small gadget insurance plans available on the market today. However, they don't all offer the same protection. Some plans looks mighty similar but a quick look at their coverage terms show they actually cover differing contingencies and offer differing levels of protection. The bottom line is you must always compare coverage features in terms of actual coverage not �packages.� Many insurance packages use similar sounding labels and titles but they are actually referring to slightly differing things. These �slight differences� might lead to a big difference when it comes time for you to file a claim with your gadget insurance company. The most common trap you should avoid is to avoid over- and under-coverage. Many �premium� plans pack a lot of robust coverage provisions which might not apply to how you actually use your gadgets. This results in paying for coverage you probably will never use. Conversely, going for the cheapest gadget insurance might sacrifice price for coverage. Read the guide below to avoid these traps and properly compare gadget insurance to get the best coverage for your particular situation.

What kinds of accidents and damages does the policy insure against?

Your gadgets are threatened by a wide ranging assortment of dangers. Some you can control, most you can't. While you can probably guard against accidentally dropping your laptop or camera, you probably can't guard your gadgets against damage from the weather or, in many cases, theft. Go over the coverage provisions very carefully and compare it with how you actually use your gadgets. Don't just focus on how you currently use these items - you should also project into the future by considering any prospective uses for your gadget. Once you have a clear picture of your range of uses, study the differing insurance options and pick the ones that most closely cover your current and near term usage patterns.

What geographic coverage does the policy carry?

In addition to considering your usage of your gadgets, consider your geographic coverage as well� what are your travel plans? Do you travel a lot for business? Do you travel seldomly? Your gadget insurance coverage should take your travel patterns into account. If you travel a lot for business and you don't get worldwide coverage, your gadgets might be dangerously underinsured.

If you travel, make sure your travel locations match your coverage. Don't find out the hard way that the country where you lost your laptop is not covered by your insurance policy. Make sure to list down your most visited locations as well as prospective locations. Select your insurance policy accordingly.

How does the gadget insurance affect your gadget's warranty?

Many insurance policies cover against gadget breakdown. However, these might not be necessary and might be a waste of money if there are cheaper �warranty extension� coverage options available. Also, check your gadget's manual and the Internet to see what the estimated life of your gadget is. Balance the estimated life of your device with the cost of warranty extension and the likely price of replacement. Keep this calculation in mind when considering warranty extension coverage. Also, you might need to factor in the value of your gadgets' usage � i.e., do you use it for business or purely personal reasons.

Avoid the trap of under and over coverage

Put simply, most gadget users are walking a tightrope when it comes to getting the right gadget insurance. Many are in danger of either being over insured or under insured. Either you lose money by paying premiums for coverage against risks that probably won't happen or you are on your own because the policy you bought doesn't cover your particular loss. To protect your gadgets properly, make sure you are aware of your particular usage patterns, the risks you normally and prospectively face, and choose your gadget insurance policy based on this information. A little advanced planning more than pays for itself in terms of money saved and headaches avoided in the future.

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