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Mobile Phone Insurance Comparison
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Mobile Phone Insurance Comparison

Compare Mobile Phone Insurance Quotes In The UK.
Just enter the value of your phone in the drop down box below.

How To Do A Mobile Phone Insurance Comparison

With constant feature updates, instant access to the latest killer apps and rapidly evolving smart phone technology, modern mobile phones are not only becoming increasingly powerful, but also increasingly expensive. As multi-media storage capacity gets better, so today's phones become much more than just a primary source of communication - they also become diaries, email inboxes, photo albums and music players. That's why losing your phone or having it stolen is a much bigger deal than it's ever been, and getting the right mobile insurance policy is now essential.

Many people choose to insure their mobile phone through their home insurance policy, but often with such options the cover is not as watertight as you first hoped. That's why when you're doing a mobile phone insurance comparison, it pays to select mobile specific policies and read the small print first. Key features differ greatly depending upon which supplier you go with, and the price can vary markedly too.

So when carrying out a mobile phone insurance review, it always makes sense to start with the make, model and value of your handset, think about where and when you use it - and work out what type of policy you need from there. That's why our easy to use instant quote form above is so useful, as it shows you the type and cost of each available policy based on the value of your handset. Our results also show ratings for each policy, so you know where you stand with regards to the overall quality of the package.

Most mobile insurance policies worth their salt include similar features as standard, particularly covering loss, accidental damage and theft. Many also include worldwide cover for your handset too, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind while on holiday or working away from home. However, costs obviously vary based on the provider you choose, and full coverage details will be stated in the small print of the policy document - so make sure you do your homework before you sign on the dotted line so you know exactly what you're getting and there aren't any surprises.

Naturally, all the major networks provide very reasonably priced, featured packed policies for a range of phones. We recommend having a closer look at the Vodafone mobile phone insurance package and the Orange mobile phone insurance policy - both cover phones of any age with all the standard features previously mentioned. However, only the Vodafone option covers unauthorised calls as part of your premium. O2, T-Mobile and 3 also provide very competitive policies with some great features, so it's worth having a look at all the major suppliers plus some other players in the market as part of your due diligence.

In summary, when carrying out your mobile phone insurance comparison, make sure you shop around, match the features of each package to a strict budget and set of personal requirements, and always read the small print so you know exactly what you're paying for and how long the terms of your contract are. If you do your homework you'll end up with a great mobile insurance policy that takes the worry out of owning that expensive handset.

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